Instagram is a wonderful platform for growing your personal brand, but it can also be a little intimidating and many brands and influencers are looking to grow their followers quickly with minimal effort.

However, the problem is that many companies will sell you fake or inactive followers which won’t help you at all.

In this post, I’m going to teach you how to spot a reputable seller who sells authentic followers so that you can have peace of mind when growing your own following on Instagram.

Buy Followers From Target Market Only

If you’re trying to get more followers, it’s important to understand that not all followers are created equal. If you buy Instagram followers from countries where you don’t target markets or speak the language fluently, these fake accounts will not help your business reach its goals.

In fact, they will most likely waste time and money on an ineffective strategy that doesn’t benefit anyone involved in the process.

Think About The Growth Trajectory Of Your Account

You might be wondering how you can tell whether an Instagram follower is real or fake as well as there are a few things to look for.

  • Can you track their growth? If so, does it seem like they’re following other accounts at a reasonable rate? If not, this may be a sign of bot activity
  • Are these followers interacting with your account in any way such as likes and comments? If not, this could indicate that the followers aren’t real people after all
  • How do these new friends interact with each other?
  • Do they only follow one person or do they follow multiple users indiscriminately? The latter would suggest automation rather than personal interest in what’s being posted on your page

How To Check Instagram Engagement Rate

You can check the engagement rate of an Instagram account by looking at their posts and if you’re looking at their profile page, scroll down and look at the comments and likes on recent posts.

An average post should have a few dozen comments and hundreds of likes, but if it has thousands or tens of thousands that might be too good to be true.

If you’re to buy instagram followers from an outside website like ours here at, then we will give you access to our dashboard where you can see exactly how many new followers were added since last time.

We also provide detailed analytics so that our customers know exactly what kind of engagement they are getting from each post i.e., likes per follower.

Use A Reputable Seller Who Sells Authentic Followers.

If you’re planning to buy followers, it’s important to use a reputable seller and a good way to know if a seller is reputable is by looking at their reviews, as well as their return policy and refund policy.

If there are no negative reviews and they have an excellent rating, chances are that they will also be trustworthy when it comes to providing quality Instagram followers.

A good return policy shows that the seller cares about customer satisfaction; if something goes wrong with your order, you want them on your side so that you can get a full refund or replacement product as soon as possible.