When it comes to childhood development, playing is incredibly important and you as a parent or teacher should always set aside time for young kids to spend quality time together playing many different games. If you are a parent that wants to commit more time to academics then you could be making a mistake right there because not only are you denying your kid the opportunity to have fun but you are also stopping them from improving upon their overall social skills. It should be one of your top priorities as a parent to always make time for play.

It can be very difficult keeping kids interested in playing outside or playing at all because they are constantly distracted by the many digital devices that are put in front of them each day. Maybe it’s time to invest in some soft play equipment at play9studios.com so your child can play and learn but also play safely. If it is your hope to have a well-rounded kid in Australia then the following are just some of the benefits of regular playing for young Australian children.

  • It’s great for the brain – There are been many studies done on the subject and it was found that parents who decided that playtime for children in the early stages of their life from 1 year to 3 years was good for them, ended up with children with higher IQs than children who didn’t play at all. There are many different learning games available out there that can contribute to better brain power for your kid.
  • They become a lot more creative – All Australian children need to use their imaginations more and they need time to create in their minds and in reality. It doesn’t matter if they are playing in your backyard or playing on some special equipment because they are being creative at all times. We need more creative children in this country so please put aside time for your children to play every single day.
  • You get a happier child – Every Australian parent wants their child to be happy and even though you may have aspirations for them and you would like to live vicariously through them, it is more important that they are happy in the overall scheme of things. If you can provide them with equipment that they can have a great deal of fun with and learn from then you are bringing real joy into their lives and you will end up with a really happy kid.

Children nowadays have a great deal of stress in their lives and if they aren’t worrying about school then they are worrying about friendships. It would help them a great deal if they could play more because this will distract them from the things that they are concerned about so that they can concentrate on the things that can create a lot of fun for them. All of the above leads to a more physically strong and mentally strong child and this is all that any parent needs.