You may think of hiring a web app development agency in Singapore to develop a web application for your business. Whoever may be the users of these applications, you should ensure that their experiences will be great with the necessary security and accessibility concerns. The following is a list of essential constituents to include in your web app for a better user experience.

Mobile-friendliness – Your web app should perform to its best even on mobile devices. There should be a separate interface for mobile users.

Live chat – Your customers could clear their doubts using a live chat system with a customer support team at the back end.

Online payments – You should at least provide your customers with three or more options to pay online.

SEO – Your website should be optimized for search engines with SEO.

Security – There should be an SSL certificate (HTTPS) that protects your users’ private information from getting misused.

Web notifications – You should enable the push notification facility in your web app to keep your users notified with all updates.

Analytics – There should be an integration with any analytics tools to keep track of your users.

Social media integration – There should be an option to log in using a social media account.