The main job of a PR firm is to share your success story with others through various mentions, interviews, and article publications on leading platforms. Doing so might not have a direct impact on your sales numbers, but it definitely drives what users think about your business. A positive story about your startup on a publication like NewYork Times or Wall Street Journal can make tens of thousands of people believe in your venture’s potential and set it on the course of becoming a leading player in the market. At the same time, a negative story about your brand can result in subscription cancelation and sales drop at a huge level. So, make sure you contact top online PR agencies in Singapore and hire the best among them to share your success story with the rest of the world.

While hiring, you can request them to share their client portfolio with you. It will give you a fair idea of their worth and whether both of you can work together or not. Keep this in mind for a hassle-free experience.