A strong digital presence in the form of a well-designed and maintained website is a must for any business looking to penetrate a wide market. Businesses understanding the value and the strength of their online presence know that having a website is not enough. Maintaining and updating it regularly to meet the requirements of growing business and traffic is also important, and this is the area where dedicated server hosting proves to be incredibly useful. Dedicated hosting plans are highly beneficial for businesses looking for more control, disk space and scalability.


What Makes Dedicated Server Hosting Attractive?

A dedicated hosting provider will allocate an independent server for managing your website’s requirements only. Ideal for e-commerce sites and other websites that witness huge traffic on a regular basis, dedicated hosting plans are costlier than shared hosting options. The benefits offered by dedicated hosting, however, make it quite cost-effective and advantageous over the long run.

Some major benefits of choosing dedicated hosting for your website are:

  • Exclusive use of the server: When you opt for dedicated hosting, you get access to an entire web server for your website. This means that the server’s disk space, RAM and even the bandwidth are available for your sole usage. It also means that you can use the software of your choice and configure settings according to your individual requirement. Sole access also means you can even use a different operating system and run your website the way you want without worrying about the sharing of resources with another website owner. Sole access also reduces the possibility of outages or disruptions is low and the user experience is good.

  • Enhanced Security and Stability: Dedicated servers means you don’t need to worry about sharing the resources with spam or fraudulent websites. This also reduces the risk of theft of your website’s data, especially if you are handling sensitive data like personal details or bank details of the customers. Even if your website has videos and image displays, you do not need to worry about any extra bandwidth requirements.

  • Unique IP Address: Each server has its own unique IP address and when you opt for a dedicated server, the address is yours. A unique address that is not shared or similar to any other website results in lesser confusion and better security.

  • No Maintenance Costs: When you opt for a dedicated server hosting, your hosting provider will handle the cost of building and maintaining the server equipment and your website thereby reducing your overhead maintenance costs.

  • Flexibility: Growing businesses need to make constant additions and changes to their services. And if they have dedicated servers to host their websites they don’t need to hesitate or think about disk space or bandwidth or processing resources and systems.

Dedicated hosting leads to an optimum customer experience by ensuring speed as well as working. Some considerations while choosing hosting plans are cost (but it should not be the sole factor) and the level of support offered by the service provider for maintaining the server and the website.