Developing organizational strategy and plans is just the first part of the process. What requires equal attention is execution. Unfortunately, many small and medium-scale enterprises fail at both. Managers often fail to share plans, forgetting the basic fact that containing strategy in binders and spreadsheets never really adds to the process of execution. On the other hand, many companies fail in execution, because they never had a singular platform to manage everything. It’s not surprising that many companies are now spending on using software for strategy execution, which basically simplifies how they set and achieve milestones. More than just about strategy, it has a lot to do with enhancing accountability and transparency.

Can strategy planning software help small businesses?

Small companies operate in the same way as large organizations, except that the scale is smaller. The risks associated with planning and execution don’t change, and in many cases, smaller enterprises have a lot more at stake. If your company has been wondering how a strategy planning software program can help your goals, it really boils down to how you have been setting and managing milestones and projects so far. The core purpose of strategy planning software is to enable the management to have real-time access and view to each project and keep an eye on execution of strategy. This is an aspect that doesn’t necessarily change with time, although projects and goals may evolve.

Mid and small enterprises need to reduce risks, keep a better control on people and performances, and should be able to avoid expensive mistakes, and a strategy planning software program is meant to help with all of that and more. From integrating the software with apps like Slack and Google Docs, to using available templates for plans, using actionable KPIs and more, such tools can take things to the next level.

How about the pricing?

The cost of using a strategy planning software program depends on the features. Vendors usually charge on a monthly basis, and the final price depends on the number of users. It is always possible to select a plan that fits your projects, and most vendors will be happy to offer a demo of their product.

If you have never really seen the interface of strategy planning tools, a wise idea is to see the practical use and list of features, and we promise you wouldn’t mind paying for the right one, keeping benefits and advantages in mind.