Treasury management software is a very important need of any business. This software offers a holistic view of your business assets, cash, financial procedures and market data. If you are in the market to look for a treasury management system then here is a list of features that you should look for in your new system.

How to select the right treasury management system

Buyers who look for treasury management software should keep their focus on worldwide cash management challenges. Groupe Azur is one of the most reputed cloud computing development firms in the world.

Smart solution development by Groupe Azur predicts cash flow, integrate with existing accounting systems, being visibility across the various geographies and banks, safeguard for trades, foreign exchange visibility, integrated liquidation and cash positioning, financial risk management based on an all-inclusive view of existing portfolio and cash holdings.

What features to be considered when choosing a treasury management system?

People buying treasury management software should look for below given features:

  • Inter-bank, global, and reconciled visibility to commodities, cash and assets, and inter-bank and other form of assets that has to be potentially liquidated.
  • In-house central management of financial transactions that includes balance information provided via standard formats like BAI and SWIFT.
  • Cash prediction and monetary hedging tools that makes improved predictions.
  • Management of debt, derivatives, intercompany loans, equities and other forms of financial instruments that reallocate or hedges finances.

  • Analysis of account details and bank fees that can be reconciled and confirmed with existing schedules.
  • Process and mapping of workflow for all financial and operational risk issues for appropriate geographies.
  • Market access to data to assist financial deals and flow of cash in the business.
  • Treasury desk to assist liquidity events and trades while separating duties for all your relevant transactions.
  • Integration with procurement and supply chain if supplier management is closely related to financial management.

What is so distinctive about EFS?

EFS solution has become a lot popular among people due to the wide range of services that it offers.

  • Consolidate Excel files to get an advantage of some of the most beneficial management practices
  • Automate and streamline your operations
  • Optimize the financial decisions with the AI
  • Lower the chances of fraud
  • Maximize the efficacy of the treasury team


With so many options available in the market, selection of a treasury management system is a tricky one. Knowledge about all these features will definitely help you select the best system for your needs.

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