An auto dealership software is very significant for automobile business. It helps the dealership to run more proficiently and effectively. This software is an online-based, comprehensive solution that assists in enhancing revenue generation service and sales, improving rate of service satisfaction index and customer satisfaction index effectively.

Use of this software in the business is also seen to boost the gross profit of a dealership. With the CRM, it becomes very easy to consolidate different departments in a dealership business into a single manageable unit that delivers value via proven procedures at different stages of the consumer lifecycle.

Features of a CRM

Car dealer software provides robust features such as Internet Lead Manager, Showroom Control Manager, Database Solution, Reporting modules and Business Development Center to enhance the level of customer experience while improving revenue-generation opportunities. It also helps in improving production and staff accountability in business.

Following are a list of features offered by customer relationship management software

  • Key metric notification via text messaging
  • Integrated solution for call management
  • Setting and reporting of employee goal
  • Dealer Dialer that performs follow-up calls of customers
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • “Save a deal” module
  • Concern resolution management system
  • Time-clock management solution
  • License plate-based customer notification system
  • Loaner auto manager
  • Gas requisition solution
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Automated scrolling display related to sales and appointments
  • Real-time reporting suite that includes return on investment
  • Enterprise reporting suite mainly for dealership groups
  • Delivering pre-recorded phone calls to customers via VIN decoding
  • Enterprise inventory management
  • Security levels and unlimited users

How valuable are customized dashboards for a dealership?

Fully customized dealer dashboards offer robust CRM information that can be configured to show views related to different departments. It gives the sales and management team and sales staff with an ability to rapidly and conveniently access all the critical information to get the work done effectively.

What type of departments are handled by a CRM customized dashboard?

  • Dashboard Departments
  • General Manager
  • Owner Level
  • Internet Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Internet Sales
  • Service Managers
  • Sales Personnel


CRM software comes with robust features that not just improve accountability of staff and production but also lead to better customer experiences. Due to all these benefits, inclusion of this software in your existing business has become a necessity in a business. If you want a large base of happy customers and boost sales in your business, then CRM software will do the work for you.