Strategic planning is critical for achieving organizational goals and objectives. However, just creating plans is not enough – These plans have to be executed effectively. There’s where strategic management software comes in the picture. Also called strategy planning tool, the basic purpose of strategic management software is to define and manage both short-term & long-term goals of an organization. It allows for collaboration, gets people involved, and gives necessary power to leaders and managers to take corrective, preventive steps, when needed. We have a guide below on what such planning & execution tools can do for a business.

Common features of strategy planning tools

Every strategy planning tool comes with its own list of proprietary features. From defining roles, to creating roadmaps for action, alert systems, user management, and data mining, a lot can be achieved with the right software. The best strategy planning tools are designed to work with other collaboration and common apps that employees and executives use, such as Slack, One Drive, and Google Docs. The idea is to get access to files, folders, information and details on the go, for which cloud is used. Managers can add notes, take action to keep executives in line with a project, and laud good effort.

What are the advantages?

For many businesses, using a strategy planning tool is all about enhancing transparency. In an organization where people know their roles, are accountable and responsible, it is easier to get work done. Since progress reports, data, and other information are accessible in real time, decisions can be made promptly, before things go haywire. There is enough scope to prevent an unwanted incident, because access to data is assured. Also, strategy planning tools are great for executives, who feel motivated, because they are a part of the planning and execution process.

Things that matter

If you are considering strategic management software, it is important to first understand the features. Customizable features, like KPIs, reports, and creating strategy maps, are absolutely necessary, and you would want a tool to be as customizable as possible. It is also wise and important to evaluate vendor support, because deployment of strategic management software is often a matter of concern. Many vendors also offer adequate support, training, and assistance with strategy coaching and consultation, which can be handy for leaders, managers, and executives alike. ‘

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